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Tern Craft Ice Cream Maker

Tern Craft Ice Cream Maker

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With Tern it's A la mode. Anytime

The Tern craft ice cream maker combines the artisans desires for quality finished ice cream with a fast, interactive experience for your family or friends. You can also use healthier ingredients and craft your recipes exactly how you want them.

  • Higher Quality - Tern makes high-quality product in just a few minutes.
  • Fast Churn - The secret ingredient is speed. By churning your ingredients very rapidly, your Tern craft ice cream creates an artisan-style product.
  • Customizable - Tern makes it easy to customize your recipe. Use milk alternatives for non-dairy ice cream, pureed fruit for sorbet, and avocado or banana for healthy frozen treats.
  • Interactive Experience - The Tern craft ice cream maker turns dessert into a hands-on experience that everyone can enjoy.
  • Healthier Ingredients - The Tern craft ice cream maker lets you use less fat and sugar in your recipes—while still creating a smooth, dense ice cream with a rich consistency and superior flavor.
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